Universities with walls and hedges

On Monday I’ll be attending the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) event  ‘A Question of Boundaries: What Next for the ‘Edgeless University’?’ . Matthew Allen,  of Curtin University, is going to consider the practical opportunities and problems confronting academics and institutions of higher learning in light of the 2009 DEMOS report ‘The Edgeless University’.

The focus for the workshop is to ask: what exactly should a modern comprehensive university do that will unleash the creativity of students and staff and maximise the potential of distributed, edgeless learning while, at the same time, also making the most of the physical spaces which will remain critical markers of ‘a university’?

I’m not sure if Oxford is a a modern comprehensive university, and I’ve already blogged a bit on these subjects, but it will be interesting to hear what participants have to say.

You’ll remember that this was the report which included the line:

‘Even august institutions such as the University of Oxford now produce podcasts.’

Edgeless Posted on October 23, 2009 by Melissa Highton

Even August Posted on October 23, 2009 by Melissa Highton

It is also the report which urged Universities to tackle the “technical , legal and price barriers”  which often deny access to higher education.  These are aspects we have tackled recently as part of our growing range of OER initatives at Oxford.

A report based on the workshop will be prepared by the presenter and opportunities for future research projects can be discussed at the end of proceedings.

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