sustainable resources

On Thursday, 12th May, as part of Fair Trade week, Kellogg College will host a Fair Trade dinner.  At 5.30pm before a wine reception and dinner, the College Seminar will take a wider look at issues of sustainability in the world around us.  David Howard, University Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development, will introduce current ideas of sustainable consumption through the perspectives of environmental, economic, equitable and emotional forms of sustainable living, particularly in the context of a majority urban world.

I will then apply the same framework to describe emerging open education initiatives which are currently underway in the University of Oxford.  Ethical consumption extends far beyond our supermarket shelves.  In 2007, the Cape Town declaration sought to spark dialogue and inspire action by asking educators to embrace freely-shared and open educational resources, using new technologies to deliver them.  I will address the ways in which academic staff and students are taking steps to create innovative resource collections of openly-shared education materials for recycling, re-use and equality of access.  Both speakers will address policies for sustainable practice, the impact of such strategies and forms of ethical consumption in our everyday working and learning lives.

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