transformations -it’s all about the sharing

In working with our partners on the OER Cascade  Ripple project  we thought carefully about how others could learn from our mistakes and use our experience as a resource in a move towards organisational change. Our partners have commented on this approach.

Oxford University went into iTunesU with a fairly naïve approach – they did not ask all the questions they have advised us to ask a priori. But they chose the kind of OER material to release very sensibly and knew very well how to get academics on board (gaining an international audience and marketing, etc) so they had the confidence to go ahead. By sharing that approach – very honestly, warts and all, so to speak – they gave us confidence.

The name of the project is very apt – it is like throwing a stone into the pond and seeing the ripples bouncing back and forth…  Many more ripples have gone out than I can name here… It is hard to believe how much change this has seeded. To do something complicated, the received wisdom was to get in the consultants, and then they go away again… now, instead of getting in the consultants or sending people off on training, we exchange and share; we invite our colleagues to come to an event here and we disseminate what we find.

The value lies in direct influence on infrastructure and processes… The project has accelerated the pace of development both on workflows and infrastructure for wider scale release of OER….

… Ripple has helped us to identify the need to place a strategic emphasis on identifying suitable OERs at programme level as part of curriculum development and review, and on what are the reasons for doing OER and its relevance to us.

I chose to bring a slightly different mix of people to each workshop, and the knock-on effect has been really motivating.

It has strengthened the relationship between the two institutions [Oxford Brookes and Oxford University].  … The range of topics was good and expertise very good. We were very happy to host a workshop and it worked very well; we felt fully in partnership…

To quote our evaluator  ” From a policy perspective the project has enabled significant change in a short period of time, influencing decision-making in both institutions. In addition to sustaining their efforts in OER within the institutions, the goodwill generated by this collaboration has inspired further co-operative efforts that will extend well beyond the end of the project’s life. Within the ethos of sharing educational resources for the benefit of all, which is the guiding principle of OER, this is an exemplary project.”

JISC are currently calling for projects and case studies which use the experience of one JISC funded resource to bring about change in another context.

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