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To confound the outsider, not only is there a college called ‘University’, but also a building called ‘Schools’.  When I first arrived at Oxford I was impressed  how many colleagues seemed to be having meetings  ‘all day in schools’. So much outreach and admissions work going on!

Our new OER project ‘ Great Writers Inspire‘ is targetted at materials for schools. 

The project will create and assemble a substantial new body of open content with a literary theme (focused on engaging new students) to be released through a new online web portal.

The materials will be grouped around a set of specific writers and thematic collections, curated by subject specialists and steered and evaluated by the demands of the subject community. There will be a concentration on textual materials with embedded illustrative audio and video together with new publishing methods that include a substantial set of material released as ebooks for mobile devices.

The material, intended to provide an engaging introduction to a typical humanities undergraduate education, will be available to be reused in education worldwide and will be an innovative introduction to the wider UK open educational resources movement.

All material will be released under a suitable open content licence and published as downloads and feeds for use in perpetuity. Of course.

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