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ITLP , the LTG teaching and training team, extensively survey course participants for feedback, and have done so for over five years. We get a high response rate (often in excess of 60%), with genuine, rich feedback in the survey comments. We also handle several hundred individual enquiries and comments via email each term. This has enabled us to build a robust view of how our programme is perceived by the University and how it should be developed.

This term we are offering our Research Skills Toolkit events in week 1 and week 8 and the comments are already flowing in.  Research Skills Toolkit sessions offer you a hands-on encounter with a range of IT and Library tools and skills to support your  work. These events are a collaboration between OUCS and the Bodleian Libraries. Each session is tailored to the interests of an academic division or a group of departments.

198 research students took part in the First Week, and they were overwhelmingly positive (94%) about the event, and its value to their research. If you haven’t signed up for week 8, do so now.

“It crammed a fantastic amount into two hours, and I think it’s an inspired idea to have this kind of taster session.”

“So much available to make our lives easier that I never knew about!”

“I learned so many valuable things, and I really enjoyed having experts available to answer questions on each tool. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

“The venue was set up in such a way that you could work individually or have discussions with the helpers and/or the other attendees.”

” I thought the event was excellent. I liked the format of ten tables and thought all the staff were very warm and friendly and clearly experts in their fields.”

“Just wanted to let you know that one of our students is absolutely thrilled with the Skills Toolkit event this week. He said it was one of the best events he had ever attended.”

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