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‘Great Writers Inspire’ is a collection of OER  curated by subject specialists from within the Faculty of English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford.   Resources  include audio and video lectures,  electronic texts and ebooks, and background contextual resources.

All resources included in the website are under a suitable open content licence, making them suitable for reuse in education worldwide.  Teachers find a resource bank of reusable materials which can be used to enhance and facilitate learning.

This is what they say:

  • “Really attractive range of resources – great for giving students a taste of what university study might be like.” A level teacher
  • “I think from my point of view as a Head of English it’s already fantastically useful. It contains very accessible, critical material, contextual material, background material.” A level teacher
  •  “I think it would be useful for teachers to take things from and to use them in the classroom. I think potentially it’d be really good for gifted and talented students to do their own little research.”  A level teacher
  • “I would definitely use it for producing resources for Sixth Form classes especially, getting them to look at particular lectures from the academics before they read certain things.” A level teacher
  • “Some students feel that they do not belong in this literary world – they ask how does this fit in with all this literature? Access to [Great Writers Inspire] helps us address this question.”  A level teacher
  • “One of the really amazing things this site could do for A Level students is offer alternative perspectives on great writers works which would help them develop a richer, more versatile understanding of the authors they study.” A level teacher
  • “I think it’s going to be an enormous gift for people. Something like this which has the authority of a university beside it would be able to offer an introduction to different things. And also lots of stimulus for different thought. There’s always going to be more written than you can ever engage with, so to be able to hear people who’ve spent time go into depth with the work and engage with those is just like an absolute treat isn’t it?” HE lecturer
  • “We will, I think, be richly inspired by a resource that invites any one to listen to the specialist insight of focused academics, from the comfort of their own sofa or technological link site – for as we were reminded, portable technology offers the project the possibility of real get up and go usage.” HE lecturer
  •  “I think it’s been revelatory, I think we’ve been pointed to a lot of resources online that I didn’t know existed and that will be useful in teaching and that will also be useful for students to use” HE lecturer
  • “I would probably want to include EVERYTHING on the Great Writers website which relates to the authors or books on the module I create. ” HE lecturer.
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