a vision for systems and services

The DIGE report  describes digital services provided by Oxford for students and staff to enhance the learning experience and learning support activities, and a vision for the systems and services for the next five years. The recommendations report was  reviewed by Education Committee on 1st June. Some key recommendations from the report relating to learning technologies at Oxford are:

ES4: Appropriate University strategies should include:

a. a commitment to developing systems, and making data available for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc);

b. a requirement for all online services to be integrated with Single Sign–?On (where possible);

c. a commitment to increasing and resourcing the provision of comprehensive wireless internet.

d. strong encouragement to teaching and research groups, and to units tasked with outreach, to record lectures and talks for distribution as podcasts;

e. strong encouragement to central and academic units to use WebLearn for storing all learning support material.

ES5. University resources should be released to WebLearn to assist faculties, departments, and colleges in:

a. enhancing the user interface and user experience;

b. overhauling and redesigning their sites in the system;

c. supporting academic staff in setting up WebLearn sites for their courses and making appropriate use of it in their teaching.

It is undeniably important for individual members of staff to be free to engage with digital technologies at a level at which they are comfortable, and in a form that accords with their teaching aims. However, a way needs to be found to reconcile these preferences with students’ desire for streamlined, online access to their learning materials in a consistent way across the different fields of study. Furthermore, the increased use of learning platforms (equivalent to VLEs) in secondary schools means that students will arrive at the University familiar with accessing their learning materials, and with managing the administrative aspects of their learning, through a single online environment. Strong leadership therefore needs to be shown to encourage and support individual staff in engaging with online systems, and for currently disparate departments to move collectively toward a more cohesive provision of services.” (DIGE 7.2.2)

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