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Great Writers Inspire brings together thousands of literature resources which are made freely available for reuse, remixing and repurposing for the benefit of teaching and learning worldwide. Both new and existing open educational resources (OER) have been curated into collections by Oxford University scholars to inspire a new generation of literature students.

  • 185 lectures from podcasts.ox.ac.uk
  • 3030 ebooks;
  • 115 OERs from external sources
  • 41 new audio recordings
  • 32 new video recordings
  • 87 new scholarly essays.

Surfacing pre-existing materials (e.g. from the Oxford Text Archive and the Oxford Google Books Project) would not have been possible without the Creative Commons licence, allowing Great Writers Inspire to exploit existing archives of texts and other media.

The project benefited from the support of academic contributors who have increased clarity on the impact of open content release and how this can create a huge audience for their work. Involving students as producers and users of OER has been a particular success of the project. It provided a simple framework to allow them to communicate and publish, increasing their digital literacy and introducing them to the benefits of open academic practice. By recruiting graduate students the project was assured of academic-level content from contributors who were closer to the target audience.

the project team has endeavoured to spread the word about OER and Creative Commons. All contributors were happy to released their materials under the CC licenced used at Oxford and felt that this was for the benefit of educating the world. Due to their closer involvement, our academic leads embraced the openness of the project:

“wider communication is the main point. Most academics want to communicate things; most conventional publishing fails to do that substantially” and

“I am much more likely to use OER than before, particularly outside my own area” Academic Lead

Great Writers Inspire reuses an existing technical framework based on tried and tested workflows to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. Cataloguing was driven by discoverability and reuse has been maximised by offering multiple download options with clear attribution and licence. Tracking reuse has been enabled by extensive event tracking in Google Analytics.

Great Writers Inspire provides a unique resource for literature educators and students to easily download, reuse and share high quality materials for free.

‘‘It was useful to give us a forum for people to discuss literature. Some of the students have definitely got into considering writers that they wouldn’t have considered before. For example, two girls were interested in Aphra Behn and they’d never heard of her before. They were interested in the fact that she was such an early female author. I think the website prompts that sort of thing; students can investigate aspects of literature that they wouldn’t have thought of before”. A level teacher

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