“they do things differently there”

I am participating in Oxford’s ’23things for research’  as part of Social Media Michaelmas and I don’t want to fall behind.

Things 10, 11 and 12: Facebook, LinkedIn and Academia.edu

I use facebook, quite a lot actually. I rarely post pictures but I enjoy it as away to keep in touch with friends and family beyond Oxford (which is where most of my friends and family are). My friend-count has never gone beyond 150, which I believe is about right for your Dunbar numbers)

Learn more about Dunbar numbers in this handy podcast.

I recently experienced a change in job title. I mentioned this on facebook and got lots of nice congratulations from friends. Does this make me a self -promoting narcissist?

I also made the job title change on LinkedIn and I got a lot of junk mail, on paper, in the post, inviting me to events and conferences for IT directors and CIOs.

I hadn’t paid much attention to LinkedIn until this year to be honest. I assumed it was mostly for people looking for a new job, but  then in November last year Friend-of-LTG Michael Korcuska came to speak at Oxford about new features and uses for LinkedIn and I was persuaded to engage. The tools he showed for use by universities and employers made a lot of sense. He also noted that people tend to keep their contact details up to date in just a couple of places and Linkedin is likely one of them so we would be wise to use it for keeping in touch with alumni groups rather than bugging them to send us their changes of status and address.

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