“a Jedi craves not these things”

I am participating in Oxford’s ’23things for research’  as part of Social Media Michaelmas and I don’t want to fall behind. Judging from the other 23thingsbloggers I am not the only one struggling to keep up.

Thing 13: Finding presentations and podcasts

One of my favourite work tasks is exploring the Oxford podcasts collection to find new things to advertise or tweet about. The steady flow of fascinating, unique, inspiring, entertaining and accessible topics is really impressive. Colleagues should be congratulated and thanked.

The giving away of free educational and research podcasts without any expectation of payment or reward is one of the classiest things a University can do.

Thing 14: Exploring Wikipedia

I use wikipedia regularly, mostly for biographical details and quick facts. I have edited it to update information about my college. i’m not sure if this consitutes a conflict of interest. I’m mostly updating facts such as student numbers. I have looked at the discussion history, and there are some edits, but mostly they are not edits to things I wrote.

I get my own wikipedia mention on this page. I expect that page will need to be updated by someone soon.

With reference to the previous thing (thing 13)  a search for Oxford podcasts about wikipedia brings  nine lovely results.

Thing 15: Making and sharing podcasts and videos

Podcasts and videos of me.

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One Response to ““a Jedi craves not these things””

  1. Liz says:

    Glad you’re getting through so many tools! Thoughts re. Wikipedia conflicts: we’ve been told various things, but I think the gist is that if you’re only updating basic numbers etc that are wrong – not substantive or subjective content, then you’re probably fine. If you’re concerned, you can always leave a comment on the discussion page saying who you are and why you’ve made a change!