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Locally developed systems are designed to make our lives easier. The DAISY system in Social Sciences Division offers support to a range of data collection and reporting processes.

DAISY was used by all social science departments to record information about their teaching in 2010-11 for the Teaching Review, the concordat on cross-charging and activity-based costing. Teaching information can easily be copied forward and edited for future years to support planning and further reporting and analysis.

DAISY can accommodate information about departments’ teaching, research and administration. It reuses information from other sources wherever possible, adhering to the principle that information should be recorded only once and used for a variety of purposes. Staff and post information is imported from the HR system, OpenDoor. From the Student System (OSS), information about supervision, the programme assessment structure and student examination entry is imported to DAISY and linked with teaching and other information.

Departments are required to use DAISY in connection with several Divisional or University-wide exercises (e.g. the Divisional Concordat exercise, University Review of Teaching, collation of REF publications). Other elements of DAISY’s functionality (or uses of information captured within DAISY) are used at Departments’ discretion.

As DAISY has now been in operation for ca. 4 years, the Head of Division has commissioned a review of DAISY to be undertaken by IT Services in collaboration with the Divisional Office. This technical and strategic review is now underway and will report to divisional PRC in Hilary Term 2012.

The overarching objectives for the review have been set as follows:

  1. Clarity on what DAISY is expected to deliver (noting its original purposes as well as the additional purposes for which it has been, or could in the future be, developed); and whether the division and departments have appropriate resources, risk management, policy, and processes in place to support this.
  2. Confirmation of where DAISY sits in the university landscape and strategy for systems to support management information on teaching, workload, and research information.
  3. In the light of divisional and university priorities, recommendations on how strategic oversight and development of DAISY should continue to be managed.

Please contact me or  Stephen Conway ( if you have queries in connection with the review of DAISY.  I’ll be meeting with  members of Social Sciences departments as part of the review, an interview schedule and email survey  is underway now.

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