“The way you do the things you do”

I am participating in Oxford’s ’23things for research’  as part of Social Media Michaelmas and I am running to catch up.

Things 16, 17 and 18: Sharing research online; Exploring images online; Using creative commons

These things are all linked for me. I find images  online to use in presentations to share my research, but since the image collection I choose to use is not licenced as Creative Commons I am not able to publish my presentations online without special permission.

I almost never put text into my slides, so there isn’t a lot of point in publishing a presentation on Slideshare without the images.

To be honest, there isn’t really any point of publishing without the audio of what I say in accompaniment to the slides either. So I don’t often publish presentations online. I may be missing an important opportunity here.

The audio recording of my recent presentation about research into the digital experience of Oxford students is  available online.

I am a connoiseur and I use images from the Bodleian library’s John Johnson Collection. The licence is here: http://johnjohnson.chadwyck.co.uk/marketing/terms.jsp

I interpreted the prohibition of republishing in electronic form as meaning that I could not make the images available online myself. In order to use the images here on my blog I have a special letter of permission from Richard Ovenden.  I expect the copyright restrictions for this digitised collection stem largely from the investment and involvement of ProQuest in the digitisation project. The collection is accessible for the public to use for research, it would be great if this collection was also licenced for wider re-use of the images in other contexts.

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