“the order of things”

I am participating in Oxford’s ’23things for research’  as part of Social Media Michaelmas . The finishing line is in sight. 

Thing 21: Using Doodle and other online scheduling tools

I have never had to organise a meeting using Doodle or meet-o-matic, although I have been subject to some. I put this down entirely to the fact that I have a splendid PA. She is an expert in logistics.

Logistics, according to wikipedia,  is the management of the flow of resources (me)  between the point of origin ( my office) and the point of destination  ( a meeting somewhere else) in order to meet some requirements, for example of customers or corporations (the University). I’d be lost and late without her.

I was in a meeting this week where the word ‘logistics’ was used, seemingly to mean : ‘statistics about log-ins (and users)‘. That amused me no end.

Thing 22: Google Docs and Dropbox

Drop box also makes my life easier. My PA is often supplying me with USB memory sticks to take with me to carry my huge, image-heavy, not-on-the-web-because-they-are-copyright, presentations from A to B. The blue box means I am not constantly emailing myself my own files.

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