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You’ll remember that one of the recommendations from the recent DIGE report referred to the need to bring data  about lectures and talks happening at Oxford together in one place.  It referred to ‘OxfordTalks or its successor’.

talks.linacre has now been adopted, centralised,  opened up and crowdsourced  to create http://talks.ox.ac.uk/

Check out the listing by date and day, if you can’t see a talk, add your own. If you have an ical feed feel free to join on in.

The Oxford Talks Team say:

“In order to be as useful as possible, Oxford Talks needs volunteers. We need talks and seminars from across the University. We need seminar organisers to publish their events here. We need awareness so students use Oxford Talks as their first point of call in finding out what’s going on.

You can help in 4 ways:

  1. If your department has seminars which are not already on the site, tell them about Oxford Talks.
  2. If they don’t mind, add your department’s seminars to Oxford Talks yourself. If you want to take ownership over talks already on the site, get in touch.
  3. If you find an iCal link to departmental talks, email it to us. We have software which can automatically add those talks to Oxford Talks.
  4. Get in touch and tell us how useful Oxford Talks has been for you.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to make Oxford Talks even more useful than it is already.”

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