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The recent style critiquing of  women at Oxford is, for me, worrisome on several levels.

1) It is hard enough to persuade colleagues to develop an online presence for fear of misogynistic comments.  Articles in the Daily Mail don’t help.

2) I would be a bit dischuffed if I had attended a self-development confidence building workshop and then found the facilitator talking about it in the press.

3)  It seems that the sisterhood is still trampling on itself in the scrabble for position.  Not only are more senior women allegedly telling younger ones to dress down to be taken seriously,  but the worst thing in the world that can be imagined by the women quoted is to be mistaken for an administrator.  Even in the course of the original THES article the  language changes from ‘ being an administrator’  to being ‘ an administrative assistant’,  heaven forbid.

On St Valentines day the Oxford Union celebrated  50 Years of letting women through their doors with a debate ‘This House Believes That We Are All Feminists Now’. The motion was not carried.

However, in recognition of the many jumble sale enthusiasts and charity shop aficionados  in Oxford, Oxfam have donated to us their entire archive.

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