chicken and egg

Our research with students in the DIGE project discovered that students find the layout and organisation of sites they use at Oxford to be inconsistent.

Colleagues are free to use what ever tools they like in WebLearn and organise resources however they wish.

Where departments and teams have invested time and effort in developing consistent layouts, feedback from students was very positive.

In an effort to promote consistency,  the WebLearn team has produced  a collection of web page templates to make it easier for WebLearn users.  The benefit of creating a new site based on a template is that much of the planning and layout has been done for you and all you need to do is add your favourite flourishes.

Each template contains:

  •   Instructions on how to build the site,
  • Tools appropriate for the purpose of the site populated with sample material which can be modified.
  • Pop-up help pages providing links to further information
  • relevant step-by-step guides and video demonstrations of how to edit or customise the suggested course elements.

Contact the WebLearn team to find out more.
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