join the mashware

According to Gartner,  ‘mashware’ will be the next big thing. Many people believe that Gartner’s consultants lead the field in offering thought-provoking analysis and insight into current IT concerns. To find out more about this you  can get behind the … Continue reading

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return to SENDA

I have been asked to describe the co-ordinated support which IT Services offers to students with disabilities. Here are some points below. These services are of course open to all, and apply equally to anyone tired of walking all round … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day at Oxford

There is a piece in this week’s Times Higher about the challenges of engaging young women in computer science ‘How to switch on the IT girls‘, and another in the Guardian about the female IT brain drain. The article suggests that: “Women … Continue reading

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free range students

Students roam freely around our city searching for and finding the tastiest and most nutritious morsels of learning. They enjoy the sunshine, exercise their minds and stretch their wings.  They forage amongst the richest collections and listen to organic music.  … Continue reading

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