free range students

Students roam freely around our city searching for and finding the tastiest and most nutritious morsels of learning. They enjoy the sunshine, exercise their minds and stretch their wings.  They forage amongst the richest collections and listen to organic music.  They enhance this experience through use of their mobile devices.

All types of students  see a laptop as an essential or very important item (92% of freshers brought laptops with them to Oxford).   69% of students brought a smartphone with them in their basket, an increase of 50% on last year. The numbers reading email on a phone has climbed from 3% in 2010 to almost 50% in 2012. (Freshers survey, 2012)

In order that our students and staff can consume the information they need, we provide wireless coverage.

In order that our students and staff can study wherever they are, we provide  a virtual environment alongside the built one.

In order that our students and staff can make the best use of our services,  we provide mobile friendly interfaces.

More lectures are available online than ever before.

Mobile Oxford has undergone a major overhall.

The Info dev teams have developed a new app for the Museums.

The Webauth pages are changing to work better on smaller screens and mobile devices.

You can now give feedback to students on your ipad using Turnitin.

Admittedly, it is still cumbersome to use your mobile to make course bookings, payments and cancellations, but we will work on that.

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