plunder with impunity

19th September is international ‘talk like a pirate‘ day.  In recognition of this you are invited to plunder our OER collections with impunity .
All the resources are treasures of great value.
Of particular interest to freebooters and buccaneers are:
You might also choose to learn a new language:  R
Advice from our OxCert team on why you should be careful where you plunder.
“the University takes its response t’ copyright infringement notices seriously (even if some users don’t) but they incur a cost t’ process and respond to.  That cost be passed on t’ a user’s college who are then left t’ decide if and how t’ discipline the scurvy bilge rats.  That might well be walkin’ the plank but is more likely t’ be a monetary fine which exceeds the value o’ the pieces of eight ye might have saved by not payin’ for the content in the first place.”
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