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“Since the University’s core functions of teaching and research are both, in essence, information-based
activities, it is reasonable to assume that effective and innovative use of IT is of strategic importance
to the University. The impact goes beyond the obvious one of excellence in service provision to support education and research, to include the ability to attract and retain world-class faculty and students.
Our students, and all those engaged in teaching and research, have high expectations of IT and they
will in part judge the University as an organisation on the basis of how well our IT Services can meet
their needs. It is therefore vital for our academic reputation that we achieve high standards”.

We have developed an initial Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan for the University for 2013/14 – 2018/19.The plan builds on group objectives and the University Strategic Plan. It will be supported by a long-term University IT capital renewal plan that identifies both capital investment needs and a timeframe for implementation over a period of ten years.​

The aim of the Strategic Plan is to build on the organisational change of the last year that has resulted in the creation of a single central IT department, to implement improvements identified during that transition, and to put in place the structures that will allow the collegiate University to respond to, and embrace, IT innovation effectively.

The document is ten pages long. We welcome your feedback and are interested in input of any scale, and in particular would like you to consider if the strategic objectives on which we have chosen to focus for the five years are the right ones; and if our initial activities reflect an appropriate set of priorities.

Please send your feedback to​ by 5pm on Friday 20 December 2013. In the meantime we will be presenting the draft IT Strategic Plan to University committees, divisions and students  during Michaelmas to gather  input to refine the plan.

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