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johnson30-czi-0001-0The Oxford TESconnect portal now contains 190 resources. TESconnect is the online portal for the Times Educational Supplement. This includes an extensive range of videos, podcasts, worksheets and presentation slides plus one streaming channel.  Since October/November 2013, the materials have received over 21,000 views and they continue to attract more at a steady rate each day.

The materials come from departments across the university including English, Mathematics, Physics, Geography and History, and they have been carefully selected on the grounds that they are suitable for the classroom and meaningful to school teachers.

Benefits to Oxford

TES offers content to support and inspire teachers across the world by giving them free access to the best teaching resources available. We benefit from the free promotion of our materials through various channels including the TES website, newsletters and magazine. The website quotes over 2.5 million registered users in over 274 countries, the world’s largest online network of teachers, so the potential audience is huge and extends the reach of Oxford’s open content directly to school teachers and students around the world. Including materials from Oxford in TES could benefit admissions, outreach, widening participation and public impact.

TES send out weekly email newsletters to a targeted subscriber list of over 650,000 registrants across a range of subjects, the resource pages (400,000+ circulation) cover features on available resources in the website, and content collections are created on a topical basis each month. There is a very strong social media presence across multiple TES accounts where content can be publicised regularly.

For 3 months Oxford was a featured partner on the TES resources homepage; this is the highest exposure/status, a contributor can get within the site. We remain a featured partner on the secondary Physics homepage, which means that whenever an item is tagged with KS3/KS4/Post-16 Physics it is displayed at the top of a news feed.

Notable successes include the Flash Talk Physics event and The Oxford Christmas Science Lectures which were highlighted as a star resource in the TES Science newsletter that went out to over 32,000 subscribers.

Our lovely Project Officer, Sarah,  adds value to the process of uploading materials by ensuring that they are correctly labelled and categorised and liaises closely with staff at the TES. There is more work to be done in developing workflows to refine the process and in providing user information for Oxford colleagues who wish to add resources in the future.  Sarah  is currently meeting with colleagues across the collegiate University to identify more suitable content to be included. If you have such a  resource, contact Sarah and she will tell you where to put it.

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