torpid teaparty

alice25aThe Torpids boat race, usually takes place in March (7th week of Hilary Term on four successive days from Wednesday to Saturday).

This is a race well suited to the world of  Lewis Carroll.

The students race bumping races here in Oxford because the river is too narrow for normal side by side racing.  Each year the race begins with the boats in exactly the same order as they finished the race the year before. The crews get in and the race continues. This year’s college crews take their place in a race which has been basically going on for a hundred years. It’s like the Hatter’s tea party that never ends. With a torpid dormouse still sleeping, a mad march hare trapped by time and Alice wondering what the point of the whole exercise could possibly be.

Unfortunately, due to stream conditions, Torpids was completely cancelled this year.  Which was a shame, but probably safest, all in all.

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