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johnson51-eia-0001-0I always say it is important to walk the talk.

If we encourage colleagues to publish their learning materials as OER  we should publish our own. If we encourage colleagues to  make use of other people’s open educational resources we should do so ourselves. The teams in IT Services are no hypocrites.

Our IT training materials are  openly available online,  so are our podcast events and seminars.  And when we teach, we enhance our teaching through use of OER. The excellent online course ‘23 things’ is based on an open design adapted and re-used for our Oxford context. Our python course is based on online OER materials from elsewhere and the students are tutored through as a group at Oxford.

Since the main audience for MOOCs seem to be people who already have a university degree, they seem like a perfect source of staff development.  I know plenty people who might benefit from taking:

University Teaching 101
Globalizing Higher Education and Research for the ‘Knowledge Economy
An Introduction to Corporate Finance
Introduction to Marketing
Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization  Data Science Introduction to public speaking and  Understanding Research Methods

Perhaps we could organise to do some as a group of peer learners instead of  sending people away on courses. I’ll mention it to the director in charge of training and development.

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