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johnson50-qpv-0001-0The internships we offer to Oxford University students are a key element in how IT Services ensure that our skills and services are up to date.  What a luxury for any IT group to have such an enormous pool of talent to draw upon.

Our internships are in a range of areas, we are not only looking for students from computer science and software engineering. In the past our interns have also come from education, business,  modern languages, anthropology,  natural sciences, social policy, music, physics and politics.  The internships are carefully selected from across the department. Each group makes bids and the best projects are selected. Once the jobs are advertised students from all across the University can apply, undergraduate or post-graduate. When we match an intern to a project they join a team and work with us for 8 weeks over the summer.

Every year I am incredibly impressed with the work that is done. Their skills, subject knowledge and productivity are usually far beyond what we had conservatively expected they might bring. They bring ideas and we learn a lot. Their work often goes on to become the basis of a new service or is showcased on the web as part of Oxford’s external facing , high profile collections. It’s a great way to find new talent. More than one of our interns have later joined us for ongoing work and full time jobs.  In fact, some seem to come back year after year. I expect this year to be no different.

A fine set of projects have been chosen, all that remains to be seen is whether we will be lucky in finding the best students to work with.

johnson51-nvz-0001-0Apply now. The 10 internship opportunities for this year  are:

  1. Dreaming Spools (Oxford’s history on film)
  2. WebLearn Interactive Polls
  3. Visual design for IT Services Open Portal
  4. Open Portal video content development
  5. Linux Systems Integration
  6. Lecture Capture Case Studies
  7. One-time password tokens for mobile devices
  8. WebLearn Javascript widgets
  9. Web developer for media publishing (Oxford’s media archive)
  10. Resource development for the First World War centenary
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