you are invited.. celebrate with us at the annual OxTALENT awards on the 18th June. I have just been ordering the prizes and champagne.
It’s always lovely to see you, contact me and I’ll send you a proper invitation by post.

Read about the event on the OxTALENT blog. 

The OxTALENT competition and awards ceremony is one of  my favourite activities in supporting technology-enhanced teaching, learning, and outreach in the University and people seem to enjoy it.

‘I just wanted to thank you for another lovely evening at OxTalent yesterday …  I hope you … are feeling justifiably proud of last night’s success’.

‘I was not aware of what a big event it was – and how fabulous to see all the innovative ideas that are around the University’.

‘I particularly enjoyed the quotes from winners about their experiences of their projects, and in particular the frequency with which we heard that the creators of such accomplished work had started out with only an idea and a can-do attitude’.

‘It’s nice to get recognition. We do all this work and we just assume everyone else is doing something similar. It’s nice to have someone else look at the work and recognize that its not being done everywhere else and the techniques are useful to others.’

I am leaving, but the team who really do all the work will still be here. Make a note in your diary for the same time next year.

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Language Centre

Politics in Spires

Oxford Human Rights Hub

Thaddeus Aid

Oxford Dept of International Development

Staircase 12

Computer Science

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