just in time MOOCs

johnson30-fkl-0001-0 A few weeks ago I wrote about the next generation of extreme sport online learning ‘MOOCs X-games‘ .

I suggested that once an institution has mastered the production of MOOCs and has a few successfully under its belt there will be  a hunger to push forward and do more new things.

The ‘Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum‘ MOOC from Edinburgh University is a fine example of a ‘just in time MOOC’ . It opens on 25th August,  three weeks before the referendum and also considers afterwards the implications of the result.

Unlike the vote in the actual referendum, you do not need to be resident in Scotland to take part in this course. It’s guaranteed to be lively and there’ll be  headaches the morning after, one way or the other.

( If you are not happy how the World Cup is going you might also enjoy ‘Football: More Than A Game‘)

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