lighting out for the territories

This week has been amazing already, so many people to see  and things to do before I go. I have been clearing out my desk and my emails and remembering again how much fun it has been to work here. Edinburgh … Continue reading

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i’m contents packaging

I’m packing my bags.  I know that you have to take care in packaging content so that it can be easily transported to a new environment and opened easily. As a woman with a lot of clothes and a lot … Continue reading

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In this stressful modern life it is nice to have one less decision to make. I’m no foodie, and I get no particular pleasure from cooking for myself. I do enjoy eating though, so I am very lucky to have … Continue reading

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just in time MOOCs

A few weeks ago I wrote about the next generation of extreme sport online learning ‘MOOCs X-games‘ . I suggested that once an institution has mastered the production of MOOCs and has a few successfully under its belt there will … Continue reading

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it’s no secret …

… but in case you hadn’t heard, my blogging time at Oxford will soon come to an end. I am leaving the University for a new job elsewhere. Hopefully they will host posts for me there.  The Registrar is very … Continue reading

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you are invited.. celebrate with us at the annual OxTALENT awards on the 18th June. I have just been ordering the prizes and champagne. It’s always lovely to see you, contact me and I’ll send you a proper invitation by post. Read … Continue reading

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off the shelf solutions

Eight reasons for colleges to use WebLearn: •A simple way to put material on the web. Take a load off your IT Officer. •Easily control access to your  student support information, you can create areas just for your students. •Reduce … Continue reading

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what does lecture capture entail?

This Educational Media innovation project will focus on identifying options for departments and colleges within the collegiate University wishing to record lectures at scale.  In order to meet existing demand from departments and schools that have requested such a service, the … Continue reading

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digital strategy

You may be aware that the University has a Digital Strategy out for consultation. “The University will sustain and enhance its excellence in scholarship by embracing the opportunities afforded by digital technologies. The Digital Strategy will enable us to maintain … Continue reading

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MOOC X-Games

In the last couple of weeks I have spent some time off-piste with academic colleagues from other universities who have been delivering MOOCs this year. Engaging in MOOCs was always a bit of a leap into the unknown, these colleagues … Continue reading

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