Digital experience at Oxford (DIGE)

The Student Digital Experience (DIGE) workstream was carried out from 1 October 2011 to 30 April 2012. Funded by the Student Systems Programme (SSP), it was a collaboration between the SSP and the Learning Technologies Group, Oxford University Computing Services. The team consisted of: Dr Stuart Lee (Principal Investigator), Melissa Highton (Deputy Principal Investigator), Dr Elizabeth Masterman (Lead Researcher), Kat Lee (Project Manager) and doctoral research students: Zoe Enstone, and Nesrine Abdel Sattar.

The aim of the workstream was to define the Oxford student online experience that appropriately supports Oxford’s traditional teaching methods, graduate skills expectations, and the social dimension of student life.

Listen to a podcast about the project: ‘Which technologies do students at Oxford use’

We sought to find out:

  • what digital systems and services Oxford provides for students and staff in support of teaching and learning, and for students’ personal lives;
  • how these systems and services are perceived and experienced by students and staff;
  • what shortcomings and gaps there are in these digital systems and services;
  • what will be required in terms of these (and other) systems and services in five years’ time.

A detailed report was produced and is available in Sharepoint or on request. ( It’ll be in ORA soon)

I’ve also blogged summaries of our findings:

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