spin cycle

Periodically, on this  blog, I write about cycles. I am interested in cycles since having spent an awful lot of time explaining experiential learning (see Kolb’s Learning Cycle, 1984) to my students in the 1990s. Here’s a nice version from … Continue reading

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PLEase yourself or PLEase me

Three different people  discussed PLEs with me yesterday, but only one sent me a link to a cycle and thus wins a fabulous prize. I note that in this cycle there are two different rotations, one clockwise the other anti. … Continue reading

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to cycle or not to cycle

It has come to my attention that if you search the Oxford University website for the word ‘cycle’, presumably with a plan to get fit on a bike, my blog comes up as the first return. This’ll be due, not … Continue reading

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5 steps to green IT

Step 1: Quantify how much electricity your desktop computers consume. This should take only a few minutes at first, you just need to estimate how many desktop computers and monitors get plugged into your building’s electricity supply, and roughly the … Continue reading

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i-skills and staff development

This research  (2006) done by University of Leeds and Loughborough takes as its starting point the i-skills cycle published by the JISC (2005) based on the Big Blue model (2002). The JISC introduced the concept of staff i-skills in an … Continue reading

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