my phone

The majority of students in the DIGE focus groups ranked mobile phones among the ‘essential’ tools in their lives, and several owned a smartphone. Students reported that they used smartphones in a variety of ways and that smartphones were central … Continue reading

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 I attended a launch at Apple headquarters yesterday. It was the launch of CampusM (TM).  The presentation was very interesting, there was the ever-popular promotion of ItunesU with some mention of Oxford. All good stuff. Chris Sexton from Sheffield University talked … Continue reading

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Tipping point

Podcasting at Oxford has reached a tipping point moment. The phrase ‘tipping point’ it is from the Malcolm Gladwell book and it describes the magic moment when ideas, trends and social behaviours cross a threshold, tip and spread like wildfire. … Continue reading

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I was looking at John Traxler’s book- ‘ Mobile learning a handbook for educators and trainers.’ As a senior manager, obviously looking at the chapter on ‘ institutional issues’. In that section John suggests that a commitment to mobile learning … Continue reading

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