“a Jedi craves not these things”

I am participating in Oxford’s ’23things for research’  as part of Social Media Michaelmas and I don’t want to fall behind. Judging from the other 23thingsbloggers I am not the only one struggling to keep up. Thing 13: Finding presentations and podcasts One of … Continue reading

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it’s the way that you say it

During his keynote speech at LILAC 2012, Honorary Visiting Fellow of Kellogg College, Lord Puttnam focused on the importance of oratory in education. He suggested both that being articulate, speaking confidently and understanding rhetoric are key to one’s success, and … Continue reading

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original speeling

Thanks to the efforts of OUCS colleagues, today Oxford is among the first three universities in the world to add ePubs to its successful iTunes U site. Shakespeare’s entire first folio, including original spelling, is now available for free, along with six plays by contemporaries … Continue reading

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to “e-” and not to “e-”

The Thema report finds that: Students know when to “e-” and when not to “e-”, blending the affordances of tools and interactions in the online and real worlds. They also recognise the special atmosphereengendered when students and lecturers are co-present … Continue reading

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Grand Designs

According to Kevin McCloud on the telly, The Grand Tour served as an education rite of passage. Young men, of privilege would set off on a post-Oxbridge tour of Europe  in search of art, culture and the roots of Western … Continue reading

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