Gave M4A-based Introduction to Agent-based Modelling Course in Bali

Students at Udayana University building predator-prey models in the Behaviour Composer

I gave a 3-hour introduction to agent-based modelling course to about 40 university students today. In addition to the slides used when we teach this at Oxford University, I also demonstrated Lansing’s model of rice farming in Bali. That was a big hit. The students all brought their laptops and some of them used the new interface to Google Translate to run the Behaviour Composer in Indonesian. Went well except the Internet connections were too slow.

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  1. Howard Noble says:

    blimey – that looks like the very first constructing2learn session at the said business school!

  2. Kenneth Kahn says:

    Yes. And I did have to help one group enable Java applets. But there were two computer science instructors who were helping with problems of that sort.

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