Moving away from map-based modelling

draft user interface

draft user interface

I will then be able to throw choices at the player sporadically e.g. “you’ve been asked to help out clearing a field for a friend – do you accept”. This will also visible and it may mean that the players field is not protected from cows entering and trampling crops.

The choosers for rain and cow frequency can be viewed like levels in a game – they introduce more difficulty in the form of variability. I will probably also add a health chooser which would for instance cancel out a day a farmer would have been able to work in the field.

Finally, long term, I see the need for 3 types of models. One in the form I was developing before – concrete, map-based when people move about known terrain. This version would help people key into this second type of more abstract model. The third type I see as having multiple farmers interacting and eventually selling crops in a market. We don’t know enough to make this kind of model yet, but we can certainly ask questions whilst in Somie. This third type of model will be more interesting as we can get into trade-offs between different kinds of farmers (poor and more well-off) and also different forms of cooperative institutions. (The second type of model may be better suited to introduce different farming practices and technologies).

Anyone, this definitely feels like a better design – will discuss with DZ this afternoon.

Brief summary of what is in the mode above (click on image for better resolution):

  • 3 fields where the size is proportional to the effort farmer decides to put into the 3 crops
  • cows that move around and trample crops (although, if a farmer is in the field the cows are chased away)
  • rain clouds approach from the south and raise the moisture levels of the soil (I need to find data for high, low and average rainfall for Somie, and how each profile effects the specific crops)
  • then there’s the time reporters e.g. hour, day, month and year (so I can tie model events to crop production)
  • an output box to send messages that challenge the player to make decisions
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  1. Kenneth Kahn says:

    I didn’t see a justification for the title — you can have maps for all 3 types. Unless the abstract model is very generic. But I thought the games were suppose to relate directly to local conditions.

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