First field trip completed

…and I think field trip is definitely the right word to use.

I think we achieved what we set out to do:

  1. Collaborated with a computer science group that specialise in GIS, ABM and computer vision algorithms in Yaounde 1 University
  2. Visited the rector at the University of Dchang to thank him for my invitation to Cameroon and explain what we’re up to.
  3. En-route to Somie we met the Herman the catholic priest (who has been struck by lightening three times) and took pictures of the very fertile Oku valley
  4. Piloted and completely re-wrote the farming model several times, amassing gigabytes of audio, video and XML log data in the process
  5. (On my day off I spent 10 hours trying to find a troop of chimpanzees that live in the surrounding forest).

In Somie we ran three modelling sessions, and the final one was the most formal where we had 8 farmers (all men 20-30 years). Each farmer was trained for 1 year (in the simulation) by a fellow farmer (who we paid) and then they had to run the next 9 years by themselves. We told the farmers the aim was simply to survive the ten years and make money. Downloads: (a)  the versionof the Somie model we used on the last day, (b) first draft of the ODD (coming soon!)

The next set of tasks are:

  • Find a tool to analyse the XML log files e.g. xml.log.toolkit, the XML package in R (- with tutorial)
  • Try to use the Digital Replay System maintained by Nottingham University to piece together all the audio, video and log files into a coherant view
  • Look at what is involved in programming LinCity i.e. pick one of its numerous forks such as LinCity NG

So much more to write but unfortunately other unrelated jobs are catching up with me. To be continued…

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