Presented Modelling4All in Uppsala, Sweden

Last week I presented the Modelling4All Project at a meeting funded by the central bank of Sweden about novel methodologies for poverty reduction and disaster management in Latin America. I presented the Behaviour Composer and Howard’s models of artisanal ¬†fishing and subsistence farming in Africa. My theme was participatory modelling¬†where the models are co-created with stakeholders including fishers and farmers. Participants from Swedish and Latin American universities (from various departments) reacted very favourably. Richard Taylor of the Stockholm Environment Institute followed my talk with a NetLogo model of recurring disasters. ¬†Porting it to the Behaviour Composer would be a good project. Ignacio Carrasco of Stockholm University gave a talk about an aggregate model of fishing stocks off the coast of Chile. There was a good discussion of the relationship of agent-based and aggregate models with the group deciding to focus upon agent-based models. We ended with plans to write a substantial project proposal around these ideas.

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