Report from Constructionism 2014 – Day 2

Chronis Kynigos talked about constructionist e-books.  Technically the idea is to have e-books that can have embedded in this live constructionist tools. Authoring tools, student tracking and learning analytics are  part of this large EU-funded project called MCSquared.

17 participants are from Thailand and they gave a presentation of constructionism in Thailand in schools (including a special school designed around constructionism), rural communities, and learning in industry. Nice examples of each. Meditation is part of the story — seems to enhance the introspective phase of constructionist learning.

A team from the University of Cyprus presented ‘cognitive processes enacted by learners during co-construction of scientific models’ which led to a very interesting discussion about student-designed models versus the ‘correct’ model. This issue is acute in physics. Physics teachers worry that students building wrong models is counter-productive. Many pointed out how different biology or social science is in this regard. And some argued that even in physics there is a learning trajectory where students build models that are correct only in special situations and then refine and improve them iteratively.

Lots of interesting talks about programming systems for young children.

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