ABM get-together report

Perhaps due to being so late in Trinity Term this was the smallest get-together in its long history. Maybe because there were only 9 participants it led to a wide range of interesting and deep discussions. Anders Sandberg of the Future of Humanity Institute started by describing  his ABM projects including models of moral enhancement, small populations capable of restarting civilisation, insurance companies use of computer models (a model of model use), and galactic conflicts. Wybo Wiersma of the Oxford Internet Institute presented Agentbase  (available at agentbase.org) which is a JavaScript tool for creating and sharing agent-based models. He also demonstrated and discussed his model of the influence of social media on political movements such as those in the Arab Spring. Ken Kahn of IT Services showed a video by the Modelling Religion Project and demonstrated Arthur Hjorth’s Level Space extension to NetLogo that enables agent-based models to be linked together.

As usual there was plenty of discussions over cake after the presentations.

Model of social media and political movements

Model of social media and political movements


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