ABM get-together hosted by the Future of Humanity Institute

Ken: Jan 1st NetLogo 6 “Hexy” release, incompatible with previous versions but includes an automated tool for converting to new version. It has good new functional programming features. Also LevelSpace is officially part of new release – models interacting with … Continue reading

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Taking Serious Games to the masses: Using game interfaces to widen the appeal of ABMs

Asking questions can be problematic, particularly when there are disparities of outlook, education and nationality. Asking hypothetical questions and considering future scenarios is particularly difficult when working with, for example, rural African farmers (however we suggest such questions are problematic … Continue reading

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ABM get-together Oct 2015

Justin Lane (Anthropology and Boston University) Skyped in from the US to tell us about the Modelling Religion Project (we didn’t quite manage to finish the call for technical reasons but we were left hanging with a tantalizing news about … Continue reading

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ABM get-together May 2015

The May 2015 ABM get-together brought together over twenty Oxford researchers (as well as visitors from Bath and Rutherford Lab) from diverse fields. Jan Dubbelboer is using NetLogo to create an ABM about flood damage, risk and property buying decisions … Continue reading

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ABM get-together summary November 2014

Here’s a quick reminder of the talks from the ABM get-together on the 14th November 2014. We were ~30 people this time – just about maximum for the room in the FHI, thanks for squeezing in! Ridhi Kashyap described a … Continue reading

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ESSA 2014

I attended ESSA 2014 in Barcelona Sep 1-5th. Unlike previous ESSA conferences this brought together social scientists, historians and economists each having their own strand in the 30 minute paper presentations. Whilst I stuck mostly to the social sciences talks, … Continue reading

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A new fishing game idea

Before I was envisaging a god-game like mode which I foolishly called a godel: A play on words combining model and god-game but also it seems something that confused mathmo-compsci folk because of Gödel and Gödel Machines A questionnaire combined with a visual … Continue reading

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ABM get-together 3rd June 2014

We had five fascinating “5 minute” talks that stimulated discussion on the theory, methodology and application of agent-based models. Rob Axtell started off the proceedings by making a general point that ABMs are well suited for social scientists who want … Continue reading

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News from Oxford and Barcelona

1. Andreas Duering won best student post at the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology conference on Saturday: We are delighted to announce that the Archaeopress Prize for the Best Student Poster/Paper at CAA-UK, Oxford 2014 was awarded to … Continue reading

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How to represent a village, farmland, forest and other features (for a game-like ABM)

Some will prefer a sketch (perhaps that they have drawn?), others might be happy to use prototypical fields, village and forest and play around with the space parameters at will. It depends on the questions the model is being used … Continue reading

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