Shallow Seas

Shallow seas screenshot from early game release

Shallow seas screenshot from early game release

The EPSRC NEMOG Shallow Seas project team will make a multiplayer fishing game based in real-world locations of fisheries where, in reality, the tragedy of the commons often leads to the depletion of the common resource – fish. While agent based models can solve some related issues, they are dependent on researchers assumptions about the behavior of individuals rather than real world data. Shallow Seas will offer an exciting and novel solution to these challenges as it will permit real people‚Äč to interact within a realistic and therefore meaningful resource extraction context, and offer immediate data collection of social processes. It also has the potential to help resource users visualize the connection between patterns of social interaction in their community and the sustainability of the resources upon which they depend, a common hurdle in solving collective action problems.

Proposed by Adrienne Tecza (University of Oxford), Ed Powley (Orange Helicopter), David Obura (CORDIO East Africa), Professor David Zeitlyn (University of Oxford), Howard Noble (University of Oxford) and Professor Richard Law (University of York).

Code available at the project’s github account

Video presentation about Collective Game Intelligence by Sam Devlin

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