January update

After a hectic Michaelmas term where we could hardly draw breath between degree ceremonies, lectures, training material & podcasts, this term has started at a slightly more manageable pace, allowing us time to do a bit of housekeeping, update computers, and equipment maintenance.

Last term we recorded and produced 25 lectures, 21 Podcasts, 12 training films and 13 Ceremonies as well as our in-house activities such as video conferencing, duplication and digitisation carried out by our very capable and efficient maternity cover temp, Cynthia, who has been a real star since she started, having been thrown in the deep end with the technology.  However, this is probably nothing compared to dealing with 3 irascible technicians running about like headless chickens with the busiest term we have ever experienced, but she’s managed us all beautifully and we will certainly miss her when she retires in March.

Our major project this month has been recording promotional material for the Theology Department.  We have been out and about recording with academics and students – even going as far as Birmingham to interview an alumna who is now head of Religious Studies at a girls state grammar school.  This has been a very enjoyable project to work on and the members of the department have been very friendly and made our job easy.

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