Sneak peek at the survey results

My publication infrastructure survey has been closed now and I expect to make report on the data collected just in time to make it a Christmas gift for the community. Raw anonymized data will be available for download as well. Many thanks to all who took the time to respond.

teiusageFor now let’s just have a sneak peek at the TEI usage. It seems like the majority of surveyed projects (and hopefully this reflects the state of the things at least in Europe and North America) does use the TEI with 89.1% or 49 out of 55 project that answered. Of those, 78.8% believes to be fully conformant with TEI Guidelines.


When it comes to beauty contest between TEI specialized modules there’s no sure winner though perhaps modelling refererences to names, dates, people and places is most common across the projects coming at 73.5%, but manuscript description, representation of primary sources and critical apparatus also score quite high followed by verse, performance texts and language corpora. As always, the non-standard characters are both an interest and a headache so the corresponding module is used in roughly a third of the projects.

More to come, so if you can’t wait to know what the most popular editor is, stay tuned!

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