Eduroam capping

There has been a lot of discussion recently about capping eduroam on ITSS-D. I’d like to take the opportunity to present the state of the centrally managed wireless network, but also to provide some rationale behind this decision, which was … Continue reading

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ASA 5505 Transparent Mode DHCP and Memory fun

We have a customer who uses a Cisco ASA 5505 in transparent mode to protect a small LAN. They did the right thing and took out SmartNet cover, but the reseller botched something and the TAC wouldn’t play with them … Continue reading

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Eduroam connectivity issues on Android 2.3.*

Since reports from users are on the increase, this blog post describes briefly the issue with eduroam connectivity on Android devices. Please be aware of it and inform your users, should they ask for advice. The problem is affecting some … Continue reading

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VPN NAT Changes

What is this post about? We are planning to make a minor change to the way our VPNs NAT clients. For those who are interested, this blog post explains why and how we are doing this. Please note that these … Continue reading

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How to generate graphs with gnuplot

Introduction During the JANET Carrrier Ethernet Trial we we took part in, I needed to plot some data based on our testing and came across gnuplot. It is actually quite simple to use and we’re doing so more and more … Continue reading

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Maintenance Work On Eduroam

Just a slightly uneventful blog post aimed at our IT staff in colleges, departments and other units to let you know about some of the grittier routine work on Eduroam. This is a warts and all account of real life … Continue reading

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OUCS Backbone Network Naming and Numbering Conventions

Introduction This blog post is intended to help ITSS in Oxford to better understand how the centrally provided network fits together with their own local networks. It is also hoped it will assist them in assessing the impact of any … Continue reading

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Firewall firefighting

The intention of this post is to explain what’s been happening with the University Firewall, what we’ve been doing about it and what we intend to do. The University Firewall Service is provided by a pair of Cisco FWSMs running … Continue reading

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Budget High Availability ASA testing

The problem We’re looking at setting up a management network behind a couple of ASAs. My requirements and prerequisites are: No L2 end to end VLANs through the core. That is bad and wrong. A total site failure at one … Continue reading

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Joe Job Spam Run

The university received two spam run campaigns, the first uses a forged sender to make a university address look like the sender, the second uses forged university addresses (i.e. not accounts) in an outgoing campaign to other sites, resulting in … Continue reading

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