Gifts that keep on giving

Open educational resources from Oxford University are published with Creative Commons licences so you can download them, keep them, enjoy them, share them and use them in your own teaching or research.  Each day of December until the 24th, we will post on this blog a link to a resource which has been published as part of one of our recent OER projects. These will include images, podcasts, opendata tools, agentbased models, ebooks and videos. Enjoy.

This advent collection was a celebration of Christmas giving in December 2011, it is now archived.

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December 24

Thank you for your interest in our advent calendar. Thank you for the many messages, tweets and comments.  As a special treat on the night before Christmas we offer a  bumper selection of stocking fillers for fans of Shakespeare.

The Bodleian Shakespeare: A treasure lost… and regained Emma Smith reveals how Oxford University mobilised alumni support to bring Shakespeare’s First Folio back to the Bodleian library over 200 years after it was lost.

Approaching Shakespeare  a 10 lecture  series focusing on  plays by Shakespeare, each accompanied by an e-book.   Rather than providing overarching readings or interpretations, the series aims to show the variety of different ways we might understand Shakespeare, the kinds of evidence that might be used to strengthen our critical analysis, and, above all, the enjoyable and unavoidable fact that Shakespeare’s plays tend to generate our questions rather than answer them.

The entire First Folio of 36 plays from 1623, in their original spelling and orthography, presented in ePub format. The texts were originally prepared by Trevor Howard-Hill for use in his single colume concordances to Shakespeare (OUP, 1969f). They have since been reformatted to modern standards and carefully proofread by staff of Oxford University Press’ Shakespeare Department for use in the new “Old Spelling” Oxford Shakespeare, under the general editorship of Dr Stanley Wells.

And if  by Christmas you have had your fill of Shakespeare, enjoy our Not Shakespeare series on Elizabethan and Jacobean popular theatre including ‘Arden of Faversham’ and ‘The Roaring Girl’. Blackly camp tragedies, cross-dressing and sexual choices. It’s all in there.

All free to use and re-use under Creative Commons licences from Oxford Podcasts.

Best wishes from Oxford University Computing Services.

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December 23

Lucky number 23

Why did Beckham chose the 23 shirt? What makes prime numbers special? Professor Marcus duSautoy sheds light on the so-called ‘masculine’ numbers, explains why prime numbers will help you survive, and opens our eyes to the fascinating world of mathematics.

Free audio podcast from Oxford Podcasts

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December 22

Following stars

In a galaxy far, far away an army of volunteers take a moment to discover new stars.

In ‘The Rise and Rise of Citizen Science’  Chris Lintott from the Department of Astrophysics gives a talk on the increasingly significant contributions members of the public are making to scientific research through websites such as Galaxy Zoo.

A free video podcast from Oxford Podcasts

(Image from OTA)

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December 21

Learn to draw

Planning a new hobby for the new year? Learn to draw.

Stephen Farthing R.A. presents eight practical drawing classes using John Ruskin’s teaching collections to explain the basic principles of drawing. This series accompanies ‘The Elements of Drawing’, a searchable and browsable online version of the teaching collection and treasured catalogues assembled by John Ruskin for his Oxford drawing schools.
Free for download and re-use from Oxford Podcasts
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December 20

Shared Iconography

In celebration of first night of Channukah please enjoy this video podcast  on ‘User-produced Hebrew Prayer Books and Shared Iconography’. In it Piet van Boxel looks at examples of these and explores the shared iconography between Christian and Jewish faiths, such as the unicorn.

Free from Oxford Podcasts.

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December 19

Gifts from middle earth

‘Ofer middangeard monnum sended.’

This study pack was designed especially for anyone coming to the Anglo-Saxon language from an initial interest in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It is a short and very informal introduction to Anglo-Saxon, but for many people their first encounter with the ancient language is via Tolkien’s work.

From Woruldhord

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December 18

Hopes for peace

Andrew Lee Butters reflects upon the prospects for peace in the Middle East.Did the western media (and everyone else) get it wrong while reporting the Arab Spring?

20 other free podcasts available for re-use in teaching and studying peace.

More OER materials related to the Arab Spring are available from PoliticsInspires.

(Image from the Great War Archive)

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December 17

Ghosts of Christmases past

Few families enjoy such a remarkable reputation for their contribution to the literature and intellectual life of Britain as the Godwins and the Shelleys. The Bodleian online exhibition ‘Shelley’s Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family’ explores how the reputation of this great literary family was shaped by the selective release of documents and manuscripts into the public domain. It also provides a fascinating insight into the real lives of a family that was blessed with genius but marred by tragedy.

16 audio episodes free to download and re-use from Oxford Podcasts

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December 16

Explaining religion

Does religion lead to tolerance or intolerance?  As you decorate your home  with treats, trees and Santas for Christmas, download and listen to Professor Harvey Whitehouse explaining ritual, community and ties that bind.

Free audio podcast from Oxford podcasts

(Image from The Great War Archive)

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December 15

OUCS presents, presents and presentations

Some of our largest events and busiest training courses  at Oxford University concern presentation skills. Presenting data, presenting research, presenting to camera, presenting complex ideas, telling your story.

Top professors use a range of presentation tools, whether floor-to-ceiling chalk-boards like Professor James Binney or  complex graphs like Professor Myles Allen, it’s all about enthusiasm, planning and engaging your audience.

This image is from our annual OxTALENT student poster competition. If you print it off and bring it with you to OUCS courses reception, you will be given a free course book for our  ’Getting the message across’ course.  Express interest in this course , it is open to all members of the University. You can also listen to OUCS colleagues in conversation with Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen.

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