About the University of Oxford’s open data service

data.ox.ac.uk is intended to be a repository for the University’s institutional open data. By collecting these data together and making them available in a machine-readable and re-usable way we hope to:

  1. Improve information flows in and around the University, allowing groups and departments to easily ingest and re-present data produced by another part of the University.
  2. Enable other people to use the data in new and innovative ways; to re-express the data to show something previously unknown.

To do this we’re creating a platform for storing and querying these data using standards-based technologies. A lot of the data will be available as RDF and queryable using SPARQL. However, where we can we are producing web-friendly APIs for those who want a low barrier to getting started and who aren’t familiar with RDF and SPARQL. It’s also possible to download the data in bulk for processing and manipulation off-line.

At the moment the service is in beta; it’s not officially supported and there’s no official commitment to keep it running. This may change as we demonstrate its usefulness.

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