"2005–2012: The OpenCourseWars"

The project team has been reading an excellent book on Open Content published by MIT – ‘Opening Up Education‘. The chapter I found particularly interesting was by David Wiley and provocatively titled “2005-2010: The OpenCourseWars”. As a stylistic trick he pretends to look back from the future and discusses a vision of how open content may progress in the next 10 years presuming that certain debates on CC licences and student reuse take a progressive leap foward. He uses the term “Trib” which I’ve not heard of before to describe contributors and users taking control of the content they use for their own educational needs and placing it in a new wiki space that lies outside the inertia of institutional frameworks. The chapter (itself available as a CC download ) is helpful for the OpenSpires project because it presents realistic usage scenarios if Web 2.0 “Trib’ culture gains critical self-organising momentum.

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