Teaching Creative Commons

Last Friday (27th November) we ran an afternoon training session on copyright, Creative Commons and education. We had a surprisingly good turnout and judging by the feedback forms the content was a good first attempt at providing this kind of information to our academics and support staff. I teach a course on copyright in online resources a couple of times a year, and some of the material was reused from this. In that talk, I cover Creative Commons in a few slides. Here, of course, we expanded this section into a separate talk. Another change – at the suggestion of Melissa Highton – was the creation of short quizzes at the end of each talk. I have a tendency to talk quite fast, and sometimes even I’m not sure what I’m talking about, so a structured series of questions about imagined use cases helped me gauge whether I’d managed to explain things with any degree of clarity. The audience did even better than I expected, even remaining unfazed by my trick question about a 70th anniversary memorial edition of The Thirty Nine Steps (you need to wait until the 71st year after the anniversary of the death, as copyright terms run from the end of the relevant year). Lisa Mansell very kindly took a load of useful notes on the session, bolstering my never-quite-reliable memory.

We will now be assessing the materials we’ve created and the teaching we’ve done, as well as doing some comparisons of our work and other CC-related educational material out there. there will be a return bout in the new year…

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