New licensing and copyright charts from OER IPR Support Project

The OER IPR Support Team has just announced the release of two new process charts designed to help JISC/HEA  funded OER projects deal with the IPR and Licensing issues associated with their OER. The charts provide navigation through the IPR and licensing issues associated with OERs as well as through the resources that the OER IPR Support Project has developed to address the issues that might arise.

The Licensing Chart has been developed to help JISC/HEA OER funded projects understand and select the most appropriate Creative Commons (or equivalent) Licence/s for their OER.

The Copyright Chart has been created to help JISC/HEA OER funded projects understand and manage the underlying copyright issues associated with their content and ensure compatibility of rights clearance with the CC Licence (or equivalent) that they have selected

To see the charts please go to both charts are available as pdfs under “Packs, Charts and Wizards”

The charts provide links to other resources which the support team are currently developing, such as the Risk Management Wizard and CC Compatibility Wizard – both of which will be launched in the New Year.

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