“The best one yet”

According to some of the attendees at the third Ripple workshop it was the best one so far. There was a very positive atmosphere in the Mawby Room at Kellogg College with interesting presentations and though-provoking group sessions. This workshop focussed on institutional marketing and communications and both partners were well represented by staff from a variety of roles. The sessions were as follows:

What is your OER doing for you?  Melissa Highton, Head of the Learning Technologies Group at OUCS. This session included a selection of video clips demonstrating the benefits of OER in education and how it can be used as an effective institutional marketing tool.

OER, business models and institutional strategy. Professor David Morris, Professor of Business Development, Coventry University. David discussed drivers for OER and some of the business models. He also demonstrated the significant marketing value of institutional podcasting.

What is the digital identity of your institution? David White, Manager and Research at Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning, University of Oxford. This was a very well-received session and included an exercise to discuss the differences between broadcast and conversational communication particularly with respect to social media.

OER: the need for effective communications. Carolyne Culver, Head of Strategic Communications, University of Oxford. Carolyne spoke of the importance to be clear of the objectives when releasing OERs, and to be focussed on the target audience which would help to determine which communication methods to use.

Recordings of the presentations and slides will be made available on the project website shortly.

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