Why WordPress for OER ? because it has widgets !

Why use WordPress for delivering or presenting Open Educational Resources (OER) ? because it has widgets !

What’s a widget? Well, if you look on the far right hand side of this page you’ll see a few widgets that come built-in for WordPress. They’re little bits of HTML or code that present a tiny application in an area of the sidebar. They’re small well-defined WordPress applets that tend to do just one thing well, say present a tag cloud or present a search box, within a theme sidebar area. Widgets can be very simple, like just displaying a piece of text or fairly complex like displaying a news feed. There are plenty widgets built-in to play with and customise and many more can be downloaded from the WordPress widget directory.

Any example OER widgets? Well, the wonderful folks at the Jorum repository have been working on a way of searching and displaying their OER material through a widget on any website. The Jorum widget can show the contents of sets of material from within Jorum. For instance you might have a subject specific site like the Triton Politics blog and you might want to show the teaching resources held in Jorum that relate to a subject area and might appeal to the casual viewer. The alpha version of the Jorum widget was recently tested in the Triton WordPress system and was found to be very easy to install. This tool could be used in a cleverer dynamic way to show new material that has arrived in a particular Jorum subject category that matches the blog post category code. More on this new tool, coming soon, at http://www.jorum.ac.uk/widget

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