Casting the first bell

A picture tells a thousand words, which in theory means I don’t need to write a blog post. Rather than putting myself out of work, the Politics Inspires team has devised and developed a series of plugins to allow for WordPress users to search Flickr for Creative commons licensed material. A typical search using these plugins takes place inside the WordPress post or page editing facility itself (there is no need to leave WordPress) and once the picture is brought back it attributes it correctly for the post author. A workflow like this helps authors to include rich media in their blogs, but also to do using only content with is correctly licensed in allowing them to do so.

A plugin doing this was one of the key provisions for authors for our site, and hopefully these simple tools will help authors to use some of the great Flickr content within their blog posts.

Links for the plugins

Basic tool (just CC-BY licenses) –

Advanced tool (searches for all licenses) Р

Remarkably, people have already started to download them!

These plugins will be just the first we release as part of the Triton project.

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